Au Comptoir MarCel welcomes you with its warm ambience and its contemporary dining experience ready to host all your events, family gatherings, 5 à 7 or for a simple meal with friends.

Come discover our selection of privately imported wines, beers and cider from local microbreweries and an innovative menu which changes regularly throughout the year.

Our cuisine is based on fresh and local ingredients. We encourage and support the local producers from the region. The quality of ingredients is a way of life for us and it starts straight from the land. For this reason, at Au Comptoir MarCel, we alter our menus regularly with each season.

Please do not hesitate to share with us your allergies or other dietary concerns.

The menu may be altered depending availability of these local ingredients. 

You can find vegetarians and/or vegan items on all our menus.


To book a table for more than 6 persons call us at 819-843-0905.


Who is MARCEL?

MARCEL is the fusion of two passions and two personalities. Partners in life and in business, Marco and Céline envision a place of sharing, of respect and where the ingredients used come from local agriculture that honour the environment and the people surrounding it.

Au Comptoir MarCel is a restaurant and wine bar where gastronomes can come and discover an imaginative cuisine where everything is homemade. Just like the owners, the menu offered is also a piece of their identity, where they come from and where they have been. 

Adventurers at heart, the two partners have traveled around the world for years. It was during their years in the Swiss Alps they began to imagine this place, inspired by their weekends discovering Europe, its vineyards and its culinary treasures.

Au Comptoir MarCel welcomes you in a relaxed and simple ambience where you can come and satisfy your thirst with a selection of privately imported wines, beers and ciders from local microbreweries along with a shared menu that changes throughout the year…without forgetting unique brunches served on weekends.


We find Marco behind the stove.  A chef originally from Montreal, he has travelled the continents over the last ten years in search of products, expertise and new cooking techniques.

Authentic and passionate, Marco’s cooking is without artifice and without labels either. His influences come mainly from Europe. From the cuisine of his grandparents in Portugal to the corks of Lyon or the tapas bars of San Sebastian, for him it is the ingredients that matter above all.

Today, it is in this magnificent region of the Eastern Townships that he sets his knives to channel the Quebec terroir in his own way.


It is in the wine cellar or the dining room that we will be able to find her.

Without coincidence, Céline grew up in the south of France in the middle of the vineyards. From a young age, she caught the catering bug by spending her summers in the family establishment. Her passion for wine is also a family affair, as with them she was introduced to the wines of her region at a very early age.

In her twenties, she left her cocoon to explore the world, meet and work with passionate people and live experiences that will remain forever etched in her memory.

Through time and these adventures, she has broadened her knowledge in sommelier to be able to craft a list of wines made up of local favorites and for the makers with whom it shares the same values and the love of the land.



Wednesday: 5:00pm-9pm

Thursday: 5:00pm-9pm

Friday: 11:30am-9pm

Saturday: 11:30am-9pm


(819) 843 0905